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Planes I have flown in (updated to include A330 and Dash 8)

Ahead of their time…

One of my tasks as an undergraduate in the engineering firm I was working at was to look after the website. Back then knowing a little HTML and how to use FTP wasn’t as common as it is now.

The web hosting company we used provided quite detailed logs for all of our virtual visitors. By looking at the IP addresses in the logs it was possible to speculate (the key word here being speculate) which company the visitor worked at.

Our sales and marketing guy caught wind of these logs and suggested we send emails to the companies we suspected had had one of their employees visit our site asking if we could be of any assistance or if they required any further information.

I explained that a) we didn’t 100% know that they had visited and b) this raised all sorts of privacy issues. Plus to me this sort of practice was creepy and not how the Internet was supposed to work.

How naive was I?

Planes I have flown in (updated to include Saab 340)

May 2017 Update

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Notice a theme?
Anyway, here goes:

  • I’ve quit my job as a Control Systems Engineer in the mining industry and have started a new job as a Control Systems Engineer in the grain handling industry.  The change has been good and I feel reinvigorated.  I’m enjoying engineering more as I no longer have people reporting to me.  I’m also going away with work a lot less (and when I do go away it’s generally a day trip).
  • I’m catching the bus to and from work so the 1975 Mini Clubman is no longer a daily drive.  I’m getting some of the more involved work done on it now (disc brakes and suspension).  I’m planning on it being a fairly original car with some upgrades for safety (disc brakes and suspension) and for the look (period roof rack, possibly a rear window shade).  Recently fitted new plugs and leads as it lost a cylinder…

End of 2016 Update

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update.  Apologies to my regular readers…

Here is a point form update:

  • Work and life are very busy (so no change there);
  • I’m not sure what I think about Fitbit buying Pebble (I don’t remember an acquisition like this ever going well);
  • The finches are doing well, the Painteds seem happy and are breeding, the Zebras perhaps a little too happy…;
  • Bird watching has taken a bit of a hit (closely related to amount of free time available unfortunately);
  • Using a 1975 Mini Clubman as a daily driver seems to be going well (after the clutch was replaced).