Monthly Archives: May 2007


This is a list of projects that I have planned:

  • Masters coding and development;
  • Get my Quadra 950 going properly with more RAM, MacOS7.6 and some big hard drives;
  • Get a PowerBook 100 going (to have a shot at the Retro Challenge 2007);
  • Get ethernet going on my Newton 2100;
  • Start doing some basic Newton (probably OS 2.0) development;
  • Build and configure my home office server (I picked up two 18.1 GB SCSI drives for this). It will be my G3 Server (beige, 300MHz, as much RAM as I can find). I will be using it for backups and storing photos.

As always, more time is required 🙁

Long time no update

  • I now have a Flickr web page. People seem to be visiting but not commenting… It contains photos of birds I have taken using my Canon 350D.
  • Still collecting old Apple/Mac computers (collection getting huge). I recently had a lot of fun with an Apple IIc that I picked up from the Quokka. All of the equipment and disks worked perfectly (and they were dated 1984). I also picked up 2x 350 MHz B&W G3 machines, a QuickTake 100, a 24-port 10/100 BayStack Switch, a PowerMac 5500/225 (along with numerous other bits and pieces).
  • Building a HO scale model train set (mainly LIMA gear) with Cameron (although he tends to specialize in stress testing). I will post photos soon.
  • My birding life list has now passed 100!