Monthly Archives: October 2007


…whether I should upgrade my PowerBook G4 (12″, 1GHz) to Mac OS X Leopard 10.5. I currently have the original 40GB HDD installed, so perhaps I should upgrade that first (given Leopard requires 9GB to install). The G3s I have will all stay at 10.4 for the time being. They are all sub-500MHz so I don’t think any amount of hacking will make 10.5 worthwhile on them.

For the record, I don’t think Apple making the minimum processor required for Leopard to be an 867MHz G4 is unfair. And I have lots of old Macs that can run 10.4 🙂

Edit: I will probably wait for 10.5.1 to come out.

New Toys

Picked up a 3rd generation 20GB iPod for $140. It is in near-mint condition with good battery life. Will be useful for backing up photos as well (I am only using 2GB for songs at the moment).

Also have a 12″ 500MHz G3 iBook coming – it will need some repairs but will hopefully be functional soon.

Lastly, my B&W G3 PowerMac (350MHz) is finally setup with 512MB of RAM, 40GB internal HDD, 250GB USB2.0 external HDD and a FireWire external dual layer DVD burner. This is now the backup server for all of our photos and other documents.

Breaks the monotony…

The plane I flew to Karratha on recently had to circle for 15 minutes or so waiting for fog over the airport to clear. When the pilot first tried landing the fog was so thick we had to pull out. If we couldn’t land on the second try we were going to fly to Port Hedland for re-fueling…