Monthly Archives: February 2009

Going with British Diesel

With the acquisition of a Graham Farish BR Class 37 Diesel (37035), I have made the decision to go with British Diesel on my N-gauge model railway.


There are a lot of reasons to go for American locomotives (reliability and availability being the biggest two) but for some reason I am attracted to the British locomotives.  At some point in the not-to-distant future I may add a shunter to my fleet (probably a Graham Farish one again).
As it turns out, my daughter Olivia (who loves playing trains) has taken a strong disliking to the Class 37 locomotive.  Kylie (my wife) thinks it looks like a slug…
(edit: Kylie claims she called it a caterpillar).

Decisions, decisions…

So, I now have a partially constructed N-gauge model railway.  It is now time to start considering what locomotives and rolling stock to run.  The question is: English or American?

I am leaning towards English (mainly diesel) at the moment.  I like the locomotives more and I can run small consists with some degree of realism (running an American diesel with three box cars just doesn’t look right).  There are other prototypes out there (Japanese is one that comes to mind) but I don’t have much knowledge and experience with them.
A quick tip found out the hard way: I’m sure it has uses but Flex-track is a real pain.  Set-track is much nicer to work with (just a little more expensive).