Monthly Archives: May 2011

Study Rearrangement

I have just finished rearranging the study (again).  The motivation this time around was to make the model train layout more accessible to me (and the kids of course – Declan has been complaining he can’t see trains).  It now sits approximately one metre off the ground and (when I clear out some stuff) is accessible on three of the four sides (including both “long” sides).  The study is quite a high use room: anything of any value that we want to keep the kids from damaging tends to get stored here.  My laptop is in the study, as is Kylie’s G5 iMac, the printer, the ADSL modem and network switch and so on and so forth.  The study is now much easier to access and egress.
The only downside of the movements was that a track section switch on the train layout was destroyed by the door frame.  Thankfully I had a spare and was able to solder (with only minimal burning of flesh) a replacement in situ.