Monthly Archives: November 2010

Return from intermission

I have come to the realisation that it has been almost two months since I have posted anything on this blog.  Apologies to my dedicated readers for the unscheduled hiatus.

The last two months have unfortunately been dominated by work.  I had hoped to reduce the amount of site time I was doing but have found it steadily increasing.  In an effort to stay in Perth more often I am taking on more managerial roles, something that I am not too comfortable with to be honest.  I am, however, grateful to have a job.
Computer-wise, not a lot has changed.  Kylie has a “new” iMac G5 (replacing her eMac G4 which was becoming decidedly long in the tooth).  I haven’t added much to the computer collection (I think a complete Apple IIC was the last acquisition).  Recent Apple announcements have been a roller-coaster of emotions for me: the new MacBook Air looks awesome (the 11 inch model in particular) but why oh why have they canned the Xserve?
The model train layout I have been building for the last year or so is progressing nicely.  The under-board wiring has been neatened up and more work on the scenery completed.  I have also started to fix the location of buildings.  Still a very long way to go but I’m not sure I ever want this project to end…

The last few months have been fantastic for me with regards to birding.  The highlight was a trip to Neale Junction with Martin Cake and John Graff.  You can read the trip report here.  It was a fantastic adventure into an area that I have never travelled before.  Already there are plans to go back.  In all I got 17 lifers.