Monthly Archives: November 2008

Safe and sound

Declan is finally home after a 4 day stop over in PMH.  No one is really sure what he caught but the staff at both PMH and KEMH (where he was born) were fantastic.  He is now more active, less yellow and generally happier.  He had his first bath at home today (in the kitchen sink).

Thanks to all who have prayed/visited/called/sent gifts/cooked meals – we all really appreciate it.

New Howell

Declan Oren Howell was born 19/11/2008 at 11h30.  At birth he was 45cm tall and weighed 2.315kg (about 5 pound 2 ounces for those who work in imperial).  He was born by C-section (sort of in a hurry).  Kylie and Declan are both doing well.

Stay tuned for some photographs…

Birding trips I need to do

In my ongoing attempt to see more of the birds of WA, I think trips to the following locations are in order:

  • Rottnest Island (seabirds, waders and odd introduced birds like the Indian Peafowl and the Common Pheasant);
  • Dryandra (bushbirds and hopefully some of the nocturnals);
  • Albany (seabirds and some of the SW rarities);
  • Broome (for reasons that should be obvious).

If anyone is interested in coming along (especially for Rottnest Island) send me a message.