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Recently Read: Erebus by Michael Palin

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog (and even longer since I’ve completed reading a book) – I really need to do both more often. I really enjoyed this book, despite the relatively gloomy subject matter. I find Michael Palin’s writing style very engaging; once I started reading it was difficult to put down.

While the mid-1800s seems like another time, in reality it wasn’t that long ago. It is incredible to think how far humanity and technology as progressed – ~150 years later and satellite imagery could provide most of the answers this ship and its crew sought from the comfort of a couch.

Recently Read: Every Tool’s a Hammer by Adam Savage

I have just finished reading Adam Savage’s book “Every Tool’s a Hammer” (ISBN 9781471186004). It was a thoroughly entertaining and informative read and I highly recommend it.

The section on lists particularly resonated with me. I use a similar system at work: an empty box indicates a yet to be started task, a box with a line through it a task that has been started in some form and a filled in box indicates a completed task.

However my favourite part was a new word I learned – ferroequinologist!