Monthly Archives: May 2009

Track layout complete (for the time being)

After many hours of tinkering the track layout of my N-gauge model railway is complete.  The new sections aren’t powered yet but a few hours with the soldering iron should sort that out.  I have also taken the opportunity to add some extra lighting.


The layout features:
  • 11 turn outs (or points) – all are Peco electrofrog;
  • 7 sidings (of varying lengths, 5 can be isolated to park locomotives);
  • 3 tunnel mouths (1 double width, 2 single);
  • 2 station platforms (may be more to come);
  • 3 “loop” paths.

Package from Hattons


This is the package from Hattons. The order was placed on 01/05/2009, it was packed in the UK on 07/05/2009 and it arrived in Perth (Australia) on 12/05/2009. Everything was intact and exactly as I ordered. This was a test order to see how things went – I will be ordering some more significant stuff from them sometime soon.