Monthly Archives: November 2005

Planes to Karratha

On the last flight to Karratha I realised that I had flown in a few different Qantas/QantasLink planes. A quick check of the Qantas website jogged my memory so here is the list:

  • Boeing 737-400 (generally the plane I seem to catch)
  • British Aerospace 146 (great fun landing on the short Karratha runway!)
  • Boeing 717-200

Regarding the name of the blog…

“Propellerheads” is the label given (affectionately?) to the group of control systems engineers that I am a part of here in Dampier. The blame part alludes to the fact that when things go wrong and there is no obvious cause fingers get pointed in our direction.

All in good humour though.

Old PowerBooks

The PowerBook 165c I picked up off eBay (see previous post) has an internal modem (probably 14.4). So the plan is to rip it out and fit it to my functional PowerBook 160 (the 165c has a very busted screen). If anyone knows whether this is possible please email me.

I also have a PowerBook 190cs with a very dodgy case. I have a replacement case from a PowerBook 5300 which I will transplant (along with the external video card and anything else that will fit).

Now all I need is a few days off to tinker 🙂