Monthly Archives: December 2010

Birding Lifelist Update

My Australian lifelist (which is my WA lifelist as I haven’t birded in any other states) is sitting at 239.

I was aiming to hit 250 by the end of this year (and may very well have come close had the Rottnest trip paid off and had I survived the Twitchathon*) but I’m still happy with my progress.
Thanks to Alan I finally got a decent look at a Square-tailed Kite (whilst driving down the hill from Lesmurdie, apparently this is a regular haunt).  Also finally sorted out the three Corellas that inhabit the Perth environs.  I have half decent pictures of all three now.
Some birds that are in my immediate target list:
  • Little Grassbird (heard them a few times but really want a good look);
  • Cattle Egret (they are around, I really need to see them in full breeding plumage);
  • Royal Spoonbill (rapidly becoming a bogey-bird, Mandurah area may be my best bet);
  • Red-browed Finch (I know they are a feral population but I still would like to see them);
  • Chestnut Teal (I’m now double-checking all the Grey Teal I see);
  • Bridled Tern (perhaps a trip to Penguin Island is in order);
  • Masked Lapwing (there seems to be a couple each year that show up in the extended metropolitan area).
* – I retired sick early Sunday morning with a bout of what turned out to be tonsillitis.  It was a shame as The Big Twits went on to see 152 birds in the 24 hour race and claim the title!