Monthly Archives: September 2008

Birding Target Groups

There are a few groups of birds that I haven’t been very successful in seeing (and identifying).  The more obvious groups (parrots, finches, honey-eaters etc) are well covered in my list but the following are not:

  • Cuckoos (I have only seen two species);
  • Waders (especially migratory);
  • Penguins (a trip to Penguin Island was a failure);
  • Quail (and other small ground-based birds);
  • Some of the more difficult water birds (Crakes, Rails etc).
A pelagic trip earlier this year helped me out in the seabird category, now all I have to do is organise some excursions to see some of these.  Looking at the Birds WA Sightings page, now seems to be a good time for the cuckoos…

Updating the Macs

Migrated Kylie from her Sage iMac (450MHz G3) to her “new” eMac (1.25GHz G4) last night. All I need to do is install iLife (which should arrive tomorrow from Apple). The big advantage is the USB2.0 ports on the eMac – allowing her to read camera memory cards and use her iPod a little more effectively.

As a result of the upgrade I moved the RAM (a single 512MB stick) from the iMac to my dual-G4 500MHz PowerMac, giving it a total of 1GB of RAM! This is my first home computer to reach the magical 1GB mark 🙂

I will be keeping the iMac – it is too nice a machine to get rid of.

Edit: Yes, this means that Kylie’s Mac is the fastest in the household and the only one running Mac OS 10.5. And I am OK with that…