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May 2017 Update

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Notice a theme?
Anyway, here goes:

  • I’ve quit my job as a Control Systems Engineer in the mining industry and have started a new job as a Control Systems Engineer in the grain handling industry.  The change has been good and I feel reinvigorated.  I’m enjoying engineering more as I no longer have people reporting to me.  I’m also going away with work a lot less (and when I do go away it’s generally a day trip).
  • I’m catching the bus to and from work so the 1975 Mini Clubman is no longer a daily drive.  I’m getting some of the more involved work done on it now (disc brakes and suspension).  I’m planning on it being a fairly original car with some upgrades for safety (disc brakes and suspension) and for the look (period roof rack, possibly a rear window shade).  Recently fitted new plugs and leads as it lost a cylinder…