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Apple 27” Thunderbolt Display

My Apple 27” Thunderbolt Display was flickering on and off intermittently (running on my M1 MacBook Air via a Apple USB C/Thunderbolt Adapter). Turns out it was the integrated Thunderbolt cable – I’ve connected it using a seperate cable and it now works perfectly (the display has a separate Thunderbolt port you can use).

Eventually I may try to replace the cable properly but it’s a fairly involved job… (thanks Apple!).

Dusting off my Apple IIc

Snow White 🙂

I have a pair of Apple IIc units (with matching power bricks), an Apple IIc monitor (complete with stand), an external Apple IIc floppy drive and an Apple IIc mouse (in original box no less).

In some brief testing, everything apart from one of the Apple IIc units worked perfectly (including both power bricks). This includes all of the 5 1/4 inch floppy disks I tried!

As you can see from the following photographs, the monitor is still crisp and bright. Not bad for around 38 years old!

With any luck, repairing the other Apple IIc unit shouldn’t be too hard. Everything is intact and present and there are no signs of damage.

Turns out my working Apple IIc is an ”original” ROM version.
Mouse IIc
System Utilities Version 1.0 (1984!).
Cool keys (that need more cleaning)

Apple Newton MessagePad (OMP) Repairs

In an effort to scale back my collection, I have been going through my Apple Newtons. I have 4 OMPs (Original MessagePads) – two are dead completely and two are exhibiting the glitches expected from bad capacitors.

The OMP stash (battery leakage occurred prior to me acquiring them)

After watching the following excellent YouTube video I decided to tackle the recapping myself.

Stay tuned for progress updates!