Monthly Archives: November 2013

Finch Update 24-11-2013

All four young Zebra Finches have left the nest and a happily flying about the aviary.  I don’t think the Gouldian and Painted Finches are terribly impressed with the young whippersnappers and their constant chirping and reckless flying.

Interestingly, one of the new arrivals appears to be a charcoal, raising the possibility that the pair of normal Zebra Finches have incubated and raised an egg from the pair of charcoal Zebra Finches that occupied the aviary (until the female died).

Still no news from the nest of the fawn Zebra Finches (there are at least four eggs in the nesting box).

Finch Update 17-11-2013

For the second day in a row the strongest fledgling in the aviary has escaped from the nest and had a bit of a run/fly around the floor.  This seems to cause the parent finches no end of distress and in both cases we have returned the truant finch to the nest.

Truant fledgling Zebra Finch (note the grey beak)

So in summary:

  • 4 fledgling Zebra Finches in the pot plant in the aviary;
  • No news regarding the nest and eggs in the smaller cage (I am starting to suspect they are too young).

Finch Update 09-11-2013

As far as I can tell four eggs have hatched in the main aviary.  The young make a racket when they would like a feed.  Despite that they are very hard to see (their parents have done a sterling job with the nest construction and camouflage).  The remaining two eggs may be from the charcoal pair (where the female died) so they may not hatch.

None of the eggs in the smaller cage have hatched.  I’m starting to get suspicious…