Monthly Archives: September 2010

Model Train Layout Progress Update

IMG_5590, originally uploaded by gjhmac.

I am slowly making progress with the modifications and improvements to my British N Gauge model train layout. My previous attempt at a branch line has been dismantled (I salvaged any useful parts) and I have added a more sensible and carefully constructed branch line (with storage sidings).

As can be seen from the above photograph I have painted the horizontal “rails” on all of the buffer stops – as far as I can tell (from a few Google image searches) this is the colour they should be. Eventually I will paint the wooden uprights and the stone ballasting as well.

From the point of view of locomotives and rolling stock I may have reached the point where I have everything I want/need. In fact you could probably argue I reached this point a few months back… Anyway, the latest additions are running very well. I am particularly happy with the new Graham Farish Class 08 shunter – it is a work of art (and it doesn’t stall on my points when running very slowly like the older version).

Declan and the trains

IMG_5579, originally uploaded by gjhmac.

Declan REALLY enjoys watching the trains run in the study. Surprisingly he doesn’t break much or try and touch the trains as they pass. The only problem is that it is difficult to get all three of them in the room at once watching trains (and none of them like to be left out when there are trains running). Of course I can fix this problem by building my dream layout in the shed….