Monthly Archives: March 2011

Belated update of sorts

Well, so much for my plans to update this blog more often…  Life has been busy so here is a quick summary:

  • I am working away regularly again, splitting my time between jobs at the Rio Tinto ports at Dampier and Cape Lambert.
  • The model train layout is progressing, albeit slowly.  I am now starting to consider building an OO gauge layout to run the Wrenn rolling stock I have been acquiring of late.  If I were a betting man I would put money on the era being early British diesel (LMS).
  • I am slowly getting though all of the home maintenance jobs that have accumulating over the last few months.  Still have plenty to keep me busy though.
  • Birding has been good.  Trips north have allowed me to pick up birds like Western Bowerbird, Black-necked Stork, Eastern Curlew and most recently Crimson Chat.  Haven’t had the time to do as much birding as I would like (especially around Perth, I have missed twitching a few “easy” ones like Chestnut Teal and Cattle Egret).  My life list (Australia/WA) is currently at 243.  Only 7 more and I hit 250!
  • My G4 Mac Mini is now hosting a development website (via MAMP) allowing me to develop and test a new Birds WA sightings page.  The project is coming together nicely (but too slowly).
  • For those of you interesting in birding, may a I recommend the following blog published by some friends of mine: Leeuwin Current Birding.
  • I have purchased an Australian reptile field guide and am in the process of working out what reptiles (monitors mainly) I have taken photographs of in the Pilbara.  Stay tuned for some updates on this theme.
  • Oh and the iPad 2 has been announced…. drool….