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Finch Update 06-06-2014

The two Gouldian Finches from the second clutch have had their coloured bands added.  I’m adding these bands and recording the details in a spreadsheet to try and ensure I don’t inbreed.  I expect the third clutch of eggs to hatch any day.

The most recent addition to the aviaries is a pair of Double-barred Finches.  They are a finch I have always liked but for one reason or another have never purchased (one of those reasons is the lack of confidence I have in a bird shop selling me a pair, mine come from a breeder).  I saw these finches in the wild in SE Queensland a few years ago.

Zebra Finch (charcoal) with eye infection (after a few days of treatment).

One of my charcoal Zebra Finches has been living inside for the last week, recovering from an eye infection (see photograph above).  I have been cleaning his eye every day or so with a saline solution and it has cleared up quite well.  The poor little guy couldn’t land on perches and was stuck on the ground in the aviary (their eyes are on the sides of their heads so with one eye clogged up completely he was in trouble).  He appears to be able to see well now so I think he may be returned to the aviary soon.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately this finch died after it was returned to the aviary.