Monthly Archives: October 2014

Finch Update 28-10-2014

  • Unfortunately one of the three new Painted Finches mentioned in the previous post has died – causes unknown.  The remaining two are doing well and the parents are apparently breeding again.
  • After a number of failed attempts to keep a pair of Star Finches I have admitted defeat and sent my remaining male Star Finch to a finch keeper who has success in keeping the species.  I think my aviaries may be too draughty?
  • Following a successful breeding season I have moved the Gouldian Finch parents into the holding aviary for some rest and relaxation (or as much rest and relaxation as you can have with a group of young Gouldians and a flock of Zebra Finches).

Finch Update 02-10-2014

A fair bit has happened in the last few months (I have been particularly slack in updating this blog):

  • The fawn Zebra Finches have bred, five young hatched and three have survived (goes to show that even a Zebra Finch with a busted wing can still father a healthy brood);
  • The Gouldian Finches bred again, raising a single offspring (this is the fourth brood for the season);
  • The Painted Finches have bred, 3 have hatched, have left the nest and are doing very well.

I am particularly happy with the Painted Finches – I did not think I had a chance getting them to breed in a mixed and somewhat hectic aviary.