Monthly Archives: February 2014

Canon 50D

I have recently replaced my Canon 350D DSLR after many years of reliable service.  I purchased the 350D in about 2006, just as the 400D was being released (which made the 350D with the twin lens kit affordable).  I have taken about 8,500 photographs with the 350D and the original battery still holds a very good charge.

Shutter speed was my primary reason for upgrading – the 350D was capable of 1/4000 second but I needed (wanted) more.  I primarily use my camera for bird photography so being able to freeze the action is an advantage.

Some research indicated that the 50D was the sweet spot: it still used CF (so I could keep my collection of memory cards), it was capable of a 1/8000 second shutter speed and it was cheap as there had been some recent upgrades (meaning there were a few available on the market).

I found a very affordable 50D second hand in Perth, complete with a 16GB memory card, two batteries and a car charger.  All for about 25% of what I paid for the 350D…

Finch Update 14-02-2014

When I fed and watered the finches in the main aviary this evening I noticed that both of the Gouldian Finches were inside their nesting box.  Thinking I’d better check if everything is ok, I climbed inside the aviary.  To my surprise I discovered that some (possibly all, it’s a bit hard to see everything in there) of the eggs have hatched!

Finch Update 09-02-2014

Did a quick check on the Gouldian Finches this afternoon and there are six eggs in the nest box.  Mummy bird was less than impressed but quickly resumed duties when I closed the lid and made my exit.  I’ll be happy if one or two are reared successfully.

Finch Update 05-02-2014

All four Zebra Finches that hatched earlier had fledged and seemed to be going well.  During January, however, two died.  Unfortunately I have no idea why.

The pair of Gouldian Finches in the main aviary have occupied a nesting box (after investigating all of the nesting boxes I installed) and are busy looking after a few eggs.  In a week or so I should know how many have hatched.
I have started work on the construction of another, much larger aviary.  It is based on an existing aviary I purchased off Gumtree (thanks for the help David!) that I plan to modify and extend with some large flyways and planted scrub areas.