Ahead of their time…

One of my tasks as an undergraduate in the engineering firm I was working at was to look after the website. Back then knowing a little HTML and how to use FTP wasn’t as common as it is now.

The web hosting company we used provided quite detailed logs for all of our virtual visitors. By looking at the IP addresses in the logs it was possible to speculate (the key word here being speculate) which company the visitor worked at.

Our sales and marketing guy caught wind of these logs and suggested we send emails to the companies we suspected had had one of their employees visit our site asking if we could be of any assistance or if they required any further information.

I explained that a) we didn’t 100% know that they had visited and b) this raised all sorts of privacy issues. Plus to me this sort of practice was creepy and not how the Internet was supposed to work.

How naive was I?

New Year, New Kit Update

The new iPad (iPad 6th Generation (128GB)) has been fantastic. I’m now hanging out for some of the goodies promised in iOS 13 (or iPadOS as it may be)…

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the keyboard/case I selected to go with it (Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case). Firstly, the top part of the keyboard seemed to rub on the iPad screen (thankfully only damaging the screen protector). Secondly, the keys are quite fragile and it wasn’t long before one had popped off after the mechanism had broken. To be fair I may have gotten unlucky, plenty of other people online recommend this keyboard/case.

After abandoning the keyboard/case I purchased an STM case and an external Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard. Both are going well.

Arduinos and SD cards

If you require an SD card interface for your Arduino project I highly recommend purchasing an Arduino with one built-in.  It took three attempts to get an SD card interface added to my basic Arduino Mega:

  1. A very cheap generic (“LC Studio”) break out module that seemed to work intermittently at best;
  2. A cheap shield (linksprite SD Card Shield v1.0b) – not compatible with the Mega (it does not state this on the packaging but if you search the documentation on their website it clearly states this, I should have done my research first);
  3. And finally, a not so cheap Ethernet plus SD card shield (Freetronics) that worked without a hitch.

I would have been better off spending the extra coin on a Mega with the SD card interface built-in and reclaiming most of my weekend…

2019 Birding Targets (updated)

In no particular order, my 2019 targets are:

  • Wedge-tailed Shearwater (unsure how I have avoided this one)
  • Sooty Tern
  • Eurasian Curlew (simply because there is one nearby)
  • Sanderling
  • Malleefowl
  • Black-eared Cuckoo
  • Southern Scrub-robin
  • Gilbert’s Whistler
  • Australian Owlet-nightjar
  • Australian Little Bittern (Herdsman Lake looking good)
  • Barn Swallow (suspect I will need to upgrade my ID skills a bit for this)
  • Shy Heathwren
  • Rufous Fieldwren